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Meeting Date: 2/1/2024 - 5:00 PM
Category: Items for Discussion
Type: Info
Subject: 10.1 Discussion of CCS School Safety Model - Kim Powell
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10.1 Discussion of CCS School Safety Model _Supportive Information Sheet_February 1, 2024 SB Meeting.pdf
10.1 Discussion of CCS School Safety Model _Presentation_February 1, 2024 SB Meeting.pdf
Background and Summary: Kim Powell, Chief Operations Officer, will present information on the Charlottesville City School Safety Model: History, Recent Updates, and Requests for Feedback. As a follow-up to this presentation, we will gather feedback out three possible changes:

- Possible use of weapons detectors at CHS (at sporting events and/or during student arrival)

- Possible exploration of adding “Youth Resource Officers'' to our current safety plan at CHS. If there is community interest, CCS and CPD would begin learning more about how the police and schools partner together in Cambridge, MA.

- Possible changes to CHS student cellphone policy? We are seeking feedback about whether to maintain and enforce the “off and away the entire day” policy, or whether to allow high schoolers to use their phones between classes and at lunch.

A survey will be launched on February 5 to gather input on these three topics.
Strategic Plan Priority 2: Provide a Culture of Safety, Wellness, and Belonging
CCS will support social, emotional, and physical wellness.
CCS will foster a strong sense of community.
CCS will promote a safe and positive learning environment.
Action Required No action required at this time.
Recommendation: That the Board provide feedback on the possible changes.
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Dr. Royal Gurley - Superintendent